Friday, 17 July 2009

Oil Painting in Progress - Underpainting and Colour Study

I have got the order slightly back to front here. Still getting used to the blog layouts. The painting at the top is the little colour study which is quite important to do before the painting as it establishes the basic colour combinations and tonal values. One can still make changes to the final painting. I enjoy this process as it is quite relaxed and more sketchy and unfinished in nature. One literally tapes some primed canvas to a drawing board and goes for it.

The second image is the underpainting for the final piece of artwork. Raw Umber has been used as it is a fast-drying pigment and can produce a good range of tonal values without adding any other primaries. I use low odour solvent to thin it down to create the lighter tints. It certainly gives one a good idea as to how the finished painting is going to look re proportions. I am now in the process of applying colour to the onions. It is a little lighter now, so I best get back into the studio.

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