Saturday, 11 February 2012

The View from my French Studio

"The Old Stone Piggery - Acrylic on Cotton Canvas"

Most of you will probably know by now that I am going to be spending a lot of time in France as of this year. For the first time ever I am now painting in a wonderful studio which is peaceful and spacious. It is, however, daunting to be faced with blank canvases, white paper and a clean easel and wonder what on earth to paint! I have never had time to contemplate such a question. In all fairness, it has been brutally cold, so sitting outside (and I tried) was and is just too uncomfortable. When this part of the world warms up I will have not excuse but to get out there and paint the wonderful sights around the Lot and the Dordogne.

The little old piggery which I can see from my studio seemed to be the obvious choice, and after drawing it to work out the best composition, I got on with the painting choosing acrylic as my medium. I enjoyed the process as always and had to make sure that my colours were wintery to reflect the season. It will make a good record of the building if and when we decide to upgrade it to an office.

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