Monday, 2 July 2012

Puy L'Eveque - The Lot (France)

Acrylic on Canvas - 130cm x 90cm

What fun I had painting this picture! I am trying to take photographs of the stages en route so that you can see the progression and how the scene developed. I used a very big flat brush most of the time, but particularly at the start. I covered every inch of the white with purple/pink and violet. This stage is very therapeutic indeed. I then blocked in the town having given myself a basic idea where the water line was to go. As soon as I picked up the smaller brushes (which did help for certain details), the painting became too fiddly so I carried on for most of it with my big flat brush. The painting came together bit by bit - with small areas of the underpainting poking through. It is important to step back regularly and think about where you placing your next stroke. I intend to produce a few more in this style this summer.

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