Monday, 20 August 2012

Detailed Irises

Oil on Linen - 50cm x 50cm

I am curious to find a contemporary style over the next few years whilst painting in my studio. After a few failed attempts where I felt absolutely nothing for what I was doing, I decided to go back to what I feel most comfortable doing. I, therefore, cropped a section of one of my iris photographs and plunged straight in to a detailed oil painting (with the odd expressive stroke creeping in). I also thought it best to try the linen canvases available here in France. I bought myself a pebeo clear primed linen canvas and I have been very impressed so far. It was while I was painting the iris painting that some ideas started to form. Sometimes one has to relax the brain to allow other ideas to flow into it. Whoever said that being an artist was relaxing has obviously got no idea how agonising it can be. Saying all of that, it is still produces those rewards when you need them.

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