Monday, 20 August 2012

The Mairie - Something New

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 50cm

I am quite excited about this painting because it is the start of a new idea. I have a love for most mediums I work with and I am beginning to get too comfortable with certain approaches. With that comes a degree of predictability and 'safety' to one's work. I would like to develop a certain edge to my work which, having been given an opportunity to spend time in a studio, is something I would dearly love to achieve. I started this painting with a colourful acrylic background (chosen carefully to enhance the top layers) and then I proceeded to do a painted layer in line only aiming to capture the shapes, texture and idea of energy in the scene. More flat shapes were applied with a big brush in acrylics to build up a little depth and then I put a few of the lost lines back in. I then focused on the focal point of the painting. This is when I focused on the detail and chose oils to do it. (I chose the lady having her cigarette in the doorway - I just loved this as the town Mairie's are so seldom open - I really had to chuckle at what I caught on camera here).

I was caught up from beginning to end having done some 'line drawing', bold acrylic painting and detailed oil work. I am hoping to do a few more and create a series in this style.

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