Thursday, 5 November 2015

Celtic Breeze - A Commission

Celtic Breeze. Oil on Canvas. 50cm (w) x 40cm (h)

I have been given the most wonderful commissions over the years and this was no exception. After many a secretive meeting and emails, we finally presented the birthday boy with his gift: a painting of his boat ... a passion in life. We had so much fun plotting his surprise, but his wife and I were relieved to finally hand it over in case the cat got out the bag!

I was greatly humbled by this beautifully compiled email from the owner of Celtic Breeze ....

"We’re heading back to the boat today so we had a small celebration for my birthday at the weekend when Julia gave me your wonderful oil of Celtic Breeze  opposite San Giorgio’s in Venice.
It truly is a terrific present and such complex, devious plotting that must have gone on behind the scenes to create it, only adds to its emotional value. The picture itself is a wonderful depiction of the boat and perfectly captures all that makes her a special home from home for me. The background of San Giorgio’s adds both architectural, geometric contrast and beauty as well as capturing a unique highlight of our sailing travels. The painting itself magically uses all the colours and more that are involved in such a scene; I can hear your voice extolling us inadequate pupils to greater heights of colour adventure as I look at the white hull and see the richness of the colour you have employed to depict that otherwise bland surface. Simply put, I love it and I thank you for the skill and effort you employed in a subject that was a new challenge for you and is now a treasured gift for me."

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