Thursday, 5 November 2015

Still Life with Cherries

Watercolour, Acrylic Inks, Collage and Tissue Paper

I absolutely loved putting this painting together. The process was unpredictable and the discoveries en route were very exciting. I was inspired by the artist, Shirley Trevena, when I put the brief together for the Jacksons Art Group. I love her use of bright colours and the quirky way she puts her objects together. She is the master of her craft and there is no point trying to mimic someone like her. I did, however, draw inspiration from her books and decided to let a still life develop as the painting process developed. We incorporated tissue paper, inks, watercolour and patterns created from masking tape and cling film into the one piece of artwork. One of the group was horrified that I had felt the need to put so much into it. I had to explain, that being the tutor, I had to demonstrate all ideas and options to the group so they could decide what worked for them. The fact that I was having a blast was just a bonus!

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