Monday, 4 April 2011

Apt Market

Watercolour and Gouache on Mountboard

This is another example of the loose style which I have described more fully in the post which follows.... I was inspired by Susan Brown - I received a Christmas card with one of her images on it and it was so super that I thought it would be fun to try her style in some of my classes. It is impossible to copy another artist's style (which is a good thing) but one can certainly be stimulated, and this is now the third painting I have done in a similar style. The scene is set in big bold strokes which often look rather clumsy but then the form and details emerge when one inserts shadow shapes and highlights (using tinted gouache). One should allow for distortion and exaggeration. 'Letting go' is harder than it looks but certainly helps if you want to paint like this.

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