Monday, 4 April 2011

Buffalo in the Light

Watercolour on Arches Watercolour Paper

I loved this project. It is the method of "Pouring" which I have done with a few art groups. You literally pour your three colour groups (which represent light values) onto your paper using egg cups or 3 small containers. No paint brush in sight! Yellow to start, followed by red and finishing with blue. It is unpredictable and fun. One has to allow for happy accidents and colour mixes appearing where you don't want them. Because I started my painting like this, I hardly needed to sweat with the painting layer at all. The buffalos features needed to be resolved, but his body only needed to be ever-so-slightly enhanced.

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  1. Hi Adie. Seems so long since I've been in your blog. Love the work you have posted recently. I specially love the watercolours, in particular these wonderful wildlife paintings..... seems like you've' been pretty busy.
    I do hope you post more as I find your work so versatile and enjoy seeing how you play with mediums.