Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tash - A Pastel Commission

Tash is the youngest daughter of very good friends of mine. She is a bundle of energy and found it difficult to sit for me for too long. I don't blame her as it must be awful to have someone staring and studying you for what seems like forever. I found myself using the tradition portrait colours as well as the odd 'young' primary range.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

My New Project - Oil in Progress

For those of you who are waiting with baited breath to see what I am doing in my studio, these are the very first set of markings towards a representational still life in oils.

You might wonder why it looks a little plain, but I have a perfectly good explanation for that ... I set up my still life in March which consisted of the above arrangement and two red onions. I had every intention of painting whilst running my teaching business, and failed miserably. Subsequently, the two red onions became a little top heavy - green shoots outweighing their bases, and they literally fell off the stand.

I decided to concentrate on the blue 'shape' and will reinsert the onions when I am closer to applying brush to canvas.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Eymet Market - Watercolours

For Sale - Please ask for Details

I was incredibly fortunate to be invited to go to France with two very special friends during my Easter break. We were very close to the village of Eymet.

I spent the morning standing in the center of the square painting the busy scene around me. Moments like these are when I feel utterly content. I am faced with an exciting array of colours, shapes, shadows and textures. The sun is on my back and adrenalin is coursing through my veins. Yes, how dramatic you might think ... try wielding a huge, loaded paintbrush in front of a very big, white sheet of paper!

A satisfying morning for sure!

Ollie - The latest Pastel Commission

This commission was so enjoyable. I met Ollie, who is such a character, with his fly-away fringe and wide grin, at the beginning of this year. Springer Spaniels tend to have beautiful colouring, so they are a joy to illustrate in pastels.

I used a mixture of Derwent and Pitt Pastel Pencils to achieve a high level of detail and finish. I used canson pastel paper, which is unusual for me as I usually go for an Ingres tint. I tend to leave the edges of my paintings slightly unfinished, and this is becoming a trademark with most of my pieces.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Still Life with Blue Bowl

It has almost been a year since I went to Florence to take part in the summer oil painting courses. It still has to be one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. A valuable learning curve which I have been dying to put into practice since the end of last year. I have started a new project which I will post on my blog as it progresses.

The above still life is the result of a months hard work, but it has inspired me to keep going with a similar theme. Here's to a creative summer.

Dancers - A fun way of capturing movement

Here is a painting I am particularly excited about. Capturing energy and movement can be tricky, but with the help of a large filbert watercolour brush and a 'no holes barred' attitude, I plunged straight in and the result was a good one. This painting is going to be the start of similiar projects, allowing me to express myself through colour. I've always enjoyed dance and have dabbled in this enjoyable passtime throughout my life. David and Lyn Freedman are now the proud owners of this piece.