Saturday, 21 February 2015

"I'm Too Sexy for my Wattle":

Acrylic on Canvas: 51cm (w) x 76cm (h)

It is safe to say that I chuckled the whole way through painting this piece. I love these wild birds! They lend themselves perfectly to caricature. It is called the ground hornbill and I have only seen them in the african bushveld. It is quite a surprise to see such a large bird in an environment populated with all sorts of predators. It is probably more surprising to see a bird with such big eyes and eyelashes hopping about. I emphasised the wattle by applying a permanent layer of white tissue paper. It worked a treat. I also used paper collage in the background to diffuse some of the texture away from the wattle and create some balance. I then enjoyed using my acrylics straight out of the tube, making sure to enhance the hue and tonal values where needed.

"A Celebrated View of Trafalgar Square":

Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper.  54.5cm (w) x 41cm (h)

These mixed media artworks get more and more exciting (and maybe more weird and wonderful) the more I do them. I can apply all my painting and drawing techniques and approaches to one painting. One's imagination can run riot and who says that distortion and exaggeration can't play a part! I enjoyed using punchy colours and splattering paint all over the place. 


Mixed Media on Board: Acrylic Inks, Watercolour, Paper and Coffee Washes. 39cm (w) x 57.5cm (h)

I really did not know how this portrait would evolve. She was a wonderful challenge. After establishing the "paper shapes" I started with neutral tones, or washes, and then started to add the stronger ink lines and wetter areas. The colour seemed to be a natural progression from there. I used white acrylic ink to achieve a few selective, milky highlights. This is a highly intuitive process and I am very excited about it.


Mixed Media on Board: Coffee washes, paper and acrylic inks.
37cm (w) x 51cm (h)

I am so enjoying using mixed media at the moment. It gives me the opportunity to mix up the mediums that I have grown to know and love and really think out of the box. I still use my watercolour techniques for wash work and make sure the design is balanced. It is certainly more unpredictable than a traditional approach, but without some adrenalin and mystery, I would probably fall asleep on my feet.

All in a Day's Work

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Acrylic Ink: 27cm (w) x 38cm (h)

Playing with animal characters is so rewarding. It allows the imagination to run free. I used acrylic inks to describe my hardworking giraffe. Keeping her lose and spontaneous was key.

The Preview Evening at the Mall Galleries

The Preview on the 6th January 2015 - Artist of the Year 2014

I would like to say a big 'THANK YOU" to all of you who went to the Mall Galleries to support this exhibition. I was totally unprepared for the phone call from Art and Illustrators which informed me that one of my paintings had been selected. My inspiration had come about due to an interesting combination given to me by the editor for Leisure Painter. I do love intricate interior spaces so I was dying to try something new with my V&A photographs. The process was fascinating and I remember being rooted in front of my canvas for a number of works solving one layer at a time. The feedback from various people stepping into the studio encouraged me to enter it. I am so glad I did! 

The preview evening was great fun and the vibe upbeat. We were allowed to take a couple of guests, so my sister Gaenor and long time friend Diane, accompanied me to the gathering. Meeting other artists was, and will always be, a treat: learning about their backgrounds and interests and what inspires them is wonderful. We are all working extremely hard to achieve our goals.