Thursday, 28 November 2013

Solo Exhibition at Soper Hall - Caterham.

Once all the hard work of setting up the exhibition was completed, I could glam up and enjoy the weekend. It was fantastic and a perfect opportunity to re-connect with all my lovely people.

Our family photos aren't quite the same without the "pose". Here my sister, Gaenor and I, do just that next to one of my favourite paintings (The Lipstick Ladies).

The three girls are so symbolic of my theatrical mother and sisters, so the painting of this picture entertained me as much as it entertained the viewers.

My team of helpers: Mary-Anne, Rosie, Gaenor, Sally and Penny.

The exhibition at Soper Hall. 15th to 17th November 2013

Friends at the exhibition



I remember painting this watercolour as if it was yesterday. Provence is a beautiful place to be if you are an artist. We were dropped off for the day with a cooler bag (thank goodness), and after setting up our easels, we proceeded to capture the view (of Rousillon) and do it justice. As it was so warm, I had to be bold with my colours and apply them as quickly as possible. One has to welcome the blobs and splashes. 

The Goblet


I thought that this painting might not appeal to people at my exhibition because it was painted with such a limited palette with so little colour. I remember being inspired to paint this still life after my unbelievable experience in Florence where shadows were a must. I still love those hidden spaces and the idea that you have to 'find' the edges. I am thrilled that this painting was appreciated so much.

The Orangery

Mixed Media

It was fascinating to observe the reactions of visitors at my exhibition. My framer, Danielle, did such a fantastic job with the frame and I was thrilled with the result. This is very definitely a mixed media project. I used mountboard as my support and painted the interior using watercolour, gouache, charcoal, ink and pastel. I wanted to capture the elegance of the space and the light streaming in through the high windows. It is worth visiting the Orangery at West Kensington .... their scones are wonderful. If anyone out there could direct me to similar interiors then I will be forever grateful.

Rufus & Aubergines

Aubergines - Acrylic Inks and Watercolour 

Rufus - Acrylic Inks and Watercolour

I have discovered the joys of using acrylic inks as a drawing tool "sewn into" the form using washes. I absolutely love combining blue (cobalt magic colour), red (scarlet magic colour) and pink (process magenta) at the start. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and a predictable finish right from the get go. It is an exciting way to work, very immediate and forces you to find solutions en route. It is very important that the line describes the subject - its personality - not just outlines it. A must for the courageous draughtsman!

Hare in the Headlights


This painting deserves a special mention. I had great fun capturing his alarmed expression and getting involved in the energetic washes that hint that he might run off at any moment. I could have sold him a number of times over at my exhibition. Ruth, I hope you enjoy him for many moons to come.