Monday, 18 February 2013

Havana Girls

Havana Girls.  Size: 89cm x 115cm.  Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

We saw these 3 friends walking together, chatting and smiling under their bright umbrella whilst in Cuba. I absolutely loved the image. It reminded me of my sisters and I. I would loved to have known what they were talking about and where they were going. I loved the bright colours - there is a mix of flat and textured areas to emphasize and knock back certain parts of the painting. A sheer joy to paint on such a big canvas.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day - Venice. Size: 38cm x 44 cm. Watercolour 

We have had so many grey days in France this winter, that I desperately needed to paint an atmospheric scene in bright cheerful colours. I loved this view, especially the domes. My aim was to record enough information to tell the story and stop before overworking it. I love the power of suggestion and we artists appreciate how difficult it is to stop painting before it is too late. I made sure that I used a big brush 95% of the time, applying big washes and lots of water. I also incorporated some acrylic inks to strengthen the chroma and to add a little zing. Very rewarding indeed.