Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Star is Born

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. 60cm (w) x 73cm (h)

I have been working on a series of bigger oils over the past few months whereby most of the painting has been done with palette knives. It allows me to be expressive and deposit large areas of fresh, vibrant paint. Surprisingly, it has not hindered my progress, as I have been able to work from day to day without worrying about wet layers. Movement certainly interests me as well as capturing a mood or atmosphere. Texture is also achieved using this method of painting.

Bonjour Indeed!

Watercolour and Acrylic Inks. 32.5 (w) x 27.5 (h)

I could do painting after painting of these characters. Their expressions are almost human. Again, this is a study using watercolour washes and loose acrylic lines drawn with a dipping pen.

Chateau in Salviac

Watercolour & Acrylic Ink. 24cm (w) x 32 (h)

We decided to investigate what the brocante at Salviac (the Lot) had to offer and discovered this jewel in the centre of the village. The gates were open indicating that there were items on display inside the property. It had such a lovely feel and the garden was intimate and mysterious. I am so enjoying using acrylic inks at the moment so the result was very colourful indeed.