Friday, 29 June 2012

Bright Irises

Acrylics on Cotton Canvas

I have absolutely loved painting in this bold, impasto style. The strong colours were applied as part of the underpainting and then the lighter colours were added as the top layer with parts of the underpainting peeping through. It is an exciting way to paint, and acrylics, with their fast-drying properties allow you to work in this way. Big brush and bold application of colour are key.

My Neighbours

Watercolour and Pastel Line Drawing

These characters are wonderful. I have a few more paintings up my sleeve. They supply constant amusement on our walks around the block. They don't have to say anything do they?

The Bread Queue

Watercolour on Saunders Waterford Paper

This is the sort of scene that are so French. It was a very cold Saturday in February and our local bread shop can only accommodate about 5 customers and the rest had to stand patiently in the cold with their baskets. It is worth the wait, however, as the bread is to die for.