Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hampton Court - Work in Progress

This painting will be for sale once completed.

This watercolour of Hampton Court is nearly finished and I thought that I would put it in my blog so that you can follow its progress. I enjoyed painting the figures and they do help to suggest the scale of the building. I love the shadows under the main arch as well as the casted shadows. Well, here's to a bit of painting homework during the next couple of weeks.

Piazza San Marco

Acrylic on Canvas Board ... 41cm x 31cm ... Unframed ... For Sale

I am really thrilled with this painting. I managed to get to San Marco's Square by 6h30am and paint this 'not so' typical view. I have always loved typography and for some reason the posters, which aren't always a welcome feature, got my attention. I think the colours and scale of the banners against the smaller telltale arches made sense.

Whilst I was painting in the square, an English tourist passed me and admitted that she could not understand how I could be painting something so boring, but was pleasantly surprised and inspired by the end result on her return. Wasn't that nice to hear? So, if something gets those butterflies going, then paint it. A change from the norm can be refreshing.

By 9h30 the tourists arrived and it was time to clear out to quieter spots. Very rewarding indeed.


Acrylic on Canvas Board ... 46cm x 36cm ... Unframed ... For Sale

I found a quiet corner off one of the Campos in the Castello region of Venice. The alley ended at the waters edge and I was able to set up my easel and paint in relative peace and quiet. Gosh, the canals are a hive of activity - I could have been in the middle of London.

I enjoyed the challenge and tried to capture the right light and tonal values of the scene. The water was a real challenge, but I got there in the end. I was really pleased with the finished artwork.

Isola Di S.Pietro

Acrylic on Canvas Board ... 30cm x 40cm ... Unframed ... For Sale

Here is another Venetian scene painted on the quiet island of St Pietro. Apparently, St Pietro Church is the oldest in Venice. A peaceful place surrounded by trees and some greenery.

I loved the front of this rustic facade - one glance and I was hooked. I tried to capture the movement of the water as well as the glorious shadows underneath the wooden jetty. I used a neutral palette for most of the painting and then applied the final highlights and brighter hues on completion. I have really enjoyed working this way and can see once again how beneficial my Florence Academy course has turned out to be.

I still cannot believe how much I am enjoying Acrylic paints. It has proved to be a fantastic outdoor medium. As long as one has a staywet palette, then it's characteristic drying time is manageable.

A View from Godstone Green

Acrylic on Canvas ... 50cm x 40cm ... Unframed ... For Sale

Following my trip to Arundel, I decided to join some of the Tandridge Art Society members for a day out at Godstone Green. This village is not too far from where I live, and it has a wonderful green surrounded by big trees and there is a pond which attracts lovely birds. I decided to face the buildings alongside the green as I have a love of architecture. The building featured above used to be the Godstone shop for many, many years and is now a private home.

What a sociable village - I met so many people who gave me snippets of history. Fascinating. Another great day painting outdoors. It was a little chilly at times, but the light quality was good.

Old Ballet Shoes

Oil Painting on Canvas... 46cm x 61cm... Unframed... For Sale

I never get tired of the ballet theme. I used to dance when I was younger, so even the smell of old shoes brings back feelings of nostalgia. These shoes belong to a friend of mine and they are full of character displaying signs of wear and tear. The perfect subject for a painter.