Saturday, 21 February 2015

"I'm Too Sexy for my Wattle":

Acrylic on Canvas: 51cm (w) x 76cm (h)

It is safe to say that I chuckled the whole way through painting this piece. I love these wild birds! They lend themselves perfectly to caricature. It is called the ground hornbill and I have only seen them in the african bushveld. It is quite a surprise to see such a large bird in an environment populated with all sorts of predators. It is probably more surprising to see a bird with such big eyes and eyelashes hopping about. I emphasised the wattle by applying a permanent layer of white tissue paper. It worked a treat. I also used paper collage in the background to diffuse some of the texture away from the wattle and create some balance. I then enjoyed using my acrylics straight out of the tube, making sure to enhance the hue and tonal values where needed.

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