Thursday, 12 April 2012

Memories of Family Gatherings

Watercolour on Heavy Saunders Waterford Paper

This painting resulted from an adrenalin fuelled demonstration for the Knockholt Art Group. I managed to find a beautiful reference of this old elegant dining room in a derelict mansion house. I have a love for old buildings and their interiors which has never waned. There is something mysterious, sad and intriguing about a building with history and memories. One isn't just painting something architectural, one is capturing the ghosts of the past. 

I started with a basic drawing at home (I was under a lot of pressure to produce a lot of work in 1 hour and 45 mins) so a head start is needed. I then prepared a few colours in my palette - use big wells (quin gold, permanent rose, cobalt blue, raw umber, winsor violet and so on). I loaded my huge no 30 cosmotop brush and attacked my paper with big strokes, building up the background and slowly working towards the stronger, darker objects in the foreground. This room was full of left over furniture and odd bits and pieces. Be excited about strange shapes. They add 'nook and cranny' shadows and edges to a painting. Just mouth watering!

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the evening, and the Knockholt Art Group really helped by giving me enthusiastic feedback. It is magic when there is so much energy in the room.

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