Friday, 12 February 2016

The Old Bookshop & Santiago de Compostela

The Old Bookshop: Mixed Media with Ink and Washes

Santiago de Compostela: Mixed Media with Ink, Washes and Impasto detail

I have been amazed at how popular mixed media has become. Most of my students are wanting to explore new combinations and possibilities, which is really exciting for me. I still emphasise the importance of fine tuning ones's drawing and painting skills in order to experiment and push the boundaries. Mixed Media needn't be bright and garish, it can be subtle and beautifully designed. In the above examples (top: an unfinished example from a workshop & the other, a tester for a future class) we used dipping pens and acrylic ink to map out a delicate illustration. Copy was then well placed and thought given to the design of the shapes. Coffee washes helped to soften the layers and merge them together. We used some of our own calligraphy for added texture and interest and then darker tones were strengthened or added to sharpen edges and areas around the focal point. I added  some texture to the surface of the architectural facade so that I could apply oil or acrylic paint to make the focal point stand out.

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