Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Junior Choir from Rome

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I do think that my experience with this choir was the highlight of my stay in Lucca. Whilst I was painting in the San Michele Piazza, I was approached by a group of children who were handing out leaflets for their concert that evening. I gratefully took hold of one as I was in Lucca on my own and needed to have something to do in the evenings.

I made my way back to my B&B and saw that the Choir had assembled in the square behind San Michele. They were rehearsing for that evening's performance. What an opportunity! I quickly pulled out my paints and paper and proceeded to capture them playing their instruments. It really is a painting full of dabs and splashes as there was so much movement. As a result, some of the children came up to see what I was doing and I was able to chat to them.

I attended their concert that evening and it took my breath away. Such talent amongst the group and the music was so beautiful. I recognised the children I had been chatting to that afternoon and I just could not believe what they were capable of doing. It was a magical night.

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