Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Medieaval Sculpture Room in the V&A

For Sale - Please ask for Details

This painting started off as a watercolour. Half way through, I got bored with it and decided to rethink the process. I wanted something more dramatic and expressive, so I decided to use the first watercolour layer as the underpainting and apply other mediums on top of it. A bit of a risk because I had already spent a fair amount of time on the painting.

But, it is important to stretch oneself, so I sketched over some of the surfaces with watersoluble graphite to loosen it up and then I dusted off my box of soft sennelier oil pastels, rolled up my sleeves and went for it.

If I was to analyse this painting, I could say that the colours I used, especially the reds and oranges, definitely reflect how I feel when I see something that gets me so excited and the adrenalin pumping so much that I have to paint it. I think most people have the opinion that painting is a calming, relaxing, slow pastime... well it aint. It is definitely therapeutic and rewarding but the process keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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