Saturday, 2 January 2010

Church of Croagnes in Provence

Watercolour & Gouache 30" x 22". For Sale.

This particular church is situated in quite a special place. It is perched on a hill behind the hamlet where we go on our painting holidays in the south of France. The route to get there has become a familiar walk for us either in the morning or after dinner. One of my students took this photograph during his painting holiday in May when the poppies were out. Irresistible! I love red and orange and poppies for that matter.

This painting was painted whilst I was working with the Jacksons Art Group in Whyteleaf. I then finished it in my studio. I used a heavy cold pressed Saunders Waterford watercolour paper. I armed myself with my size 30 cosmotop-spin da vince brush and went for it. Big washes, big sweeping strokes, water sprayer and the odd dribble = result. I kept the detail to a minimum and used gouache to create those valuable tinted highlights.

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