Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hamish - New Flatmate

Not for Sale. 20" x 30". Acrylic

This is Hamish, my new flatmate. He has pride of place over my bath. Yes, that's right. The poor guy. I am very happy with him and he does add a bit of Africa to my flat. I've always loved giraffes because of their inquisitive natures and their long eyelashes of course.

I was supposed to paint him as part of a demonstration but I got so carried away that I ended up finishing the painting well before the allocated evening. I did enhance his expression to suit the location and had great fun with that. I cannot believe that I am enjoying Acrylics again. I have found a comfortable way to work with them. I hope Hamish puts a smile on your face as he does mine.

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  1. Hello Adie

    I’m sending you a little Sunshine Award for your blog, hop over and take a look on my blog for instructions. Thanks for being so inspiring!