Monday, 4 April 2011

Old Namibian Woman

Oil on Canvas Board

Despite this dear woman's expression, she has been such a pleasure to study, both in pencil and in oils. My Friday group did the oil study and we all learnt a lot from it. The results were fabulous. We started by doing a wipe-out in raw umber to get a feel for the measurements and shapes of the face and then we took our time mixing 3 tonal groups of flesh colours. These formed the basis for our face. Whilst they were drying we went on to do the headscarf. We applied the paint using big strokes using thick paint to give the impression of folded fabric. It is even more important to have colours premixed (shades of white) in order to achieve the 3-dimensional feel of her head. The pattern on the fabric is so important as it also helps to create the shape.

We then put our background colours in which influence the flesh colours and allow one to then apply those discord colours onto the face (second layer). The purple clothing also helped to balance the background and face. It is very important to work on the whole painting even if areas are slightly unfinished.

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