Monday, 4 April 2011


Pastels and Acrylic on Mountboard

The buildings in Petra are spectacular. The sheer size of these majestic fazades take your breath away. The light also benefits the painter or photographer and if you get there at the right time you can accumulate some stunning references. I chose this view of the Treasury for my demonstrate for the Spectrum Art Group this year.

You first prepare the surface of the mountboard with a mixture of acrylic paint and 'acrylic ground for pastels' which creates a sandpaper tooth on the board. Use a big DIY brush for the job. It is up to you what colours you use for the background - one can go for a dramatic affect. Whatever you do, don't smell the 'acrylic ground' - it will burn your nostrils!

Once your background has dried (not long), you create your picture using chalky or soft pastel sticks. This is when your highlights will bring your picture to life - an expressive and suggestive way to work.

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