Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pre-Raphaelite Beauty

Mixed Media: Coffee & Acrylic Ink Washes and Paper Collage

During my search for ideas that could be relevant for my mixed media art class, I came across some beautiful paintings on the internet which made me sit up and take notice. It is never wise to mimic another artist but one can certainly be inspired by combinations and approaches. I decided to adapt what I had seen to the portrait above. I photocopied images and typography onto watercolour photocopy paper. I recommend that you only use this type of paper if your machine can cope with a weighty stock. We identified where the highlights in the face were and used the paper to mark them out. Once secured with PVA, we used the coffee wash to map in the mid tones throughout. Acrylic ink and stronger watercolour washes were used to establish shadows and final details. Very rewarding indeed. 

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