Saturday, 7 August 2010

Demonstration for the Croydon Art Society

Mixed Media on Mountboard - Venice

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Croydon Art Society for the first time this summer. I did recognise a few faces in the crowd which always makes me feel very welcome (especially if they are smiley faces). Once again, the adrenalin was surging and between the demonstration and the fierce overhead light, I managed to put my combination together.

This is a wonderful way to loosen up and focus on the shapes that make up an image. Shapes are created by one edge meeting another and these edges are either hard, medium or soft. There is plenty to think about when one is wielding a brush, or stick of charcoal. Always choose a reference or view with endless amounts of contrast.

I love this combination:- I start by applying a few washes of watercolour to the surface of the mountboard and then covered the surface (when dry) with a 30% tint of charcoal. The main highlighted areas are then wiped away using blu tack or an eraser. The stronger darks are then added using charcoal and highlights are applied using white chalk or pastel. If the picture needs it then one can add sanquine and/or blues and purples for extra drama.

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