Saturday, 7 August 2010

Demonstration for the Tandridge Art Society

Watercolour and Oil Pastels on Mountboard - Covent Garden

As always, the feeling of support from the Tandridge Art Society is wonderful. Of course, it does mean that I should not disappoint the eager members of the group. This helps to push me to try new combinations and techniques and look at problem solving from different angles.

This demonstration started with the highlights first, which enables one just to look for the lighter shapes. These were captured in white oil pastel (try and get a really good artist quality brand like Sennelier as they are softer and more workable). This is also a great way to train the eye to measure between shapes which is useful for outdoor work.

Once the whites were in place (and there needn't be too many), then I blocked in the watercolour washes on top. The oil pastel acts as a resist and the watercolour clings to the slightly raised edges of the pastels which results in subtle, exciting texture. The final stages bring in the darker tones and allow the picture to come together.

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