Saturday, 7 August 2010

Summer Workshop Exercise

Drawing and Chalk on Tinted Mountboard - Dramatic Statue at the V&A

I absolutely loved this exercise - we spent the morning studying this portrait and the afternoon drawing from a still life. I was so thrilled with the standard of work produced. I loved this reference as it was packed with contrast and interesting angles. I am hoping that if I am inspired then I will inspire my students. I knew this would be a challenge but they all winged it. So chuffed. I tried to emphasize the importance of looking at shapes and if one breaks up an overall area into 'puzzle pieces' then an image appears. It is a more tactile approach and still uses a good degree of measuring and accurate placement. I have moved away from drawing your typical 'egg' to get started and find it more useful to use the shape and angle method instead. If one's egg is off then it throws everything out right from the beginning.

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