Saturday, 7 August 2010

Summer Workshop Exercise

Line and Wash Combinations.

I always enjoy these workshop days. My favourite line and wash combinations consist mainly of detailed line illustrations which are later enhanced by watercolour washes. Most of us overwork these studies because we tend to give both mediums equal importance - one needs to dominate the other. The line or ink drawing should almost reach completion and stand on its own before a light, unfussy wash is applied. The artworks above are examples of what we do in our workshops.

Top Example is watersoluble graphite pencil and a touch of watercolour. Watersoluble graphite is the line and part of it is washed away to create those 'oh so exciting' suggested edges.

Middle and Bottom Examples are dipping pen and peat brown ink. Dipping pen allows one to create uneven lines and the odd spill or blob can be blown to make interesting markings. I prefer peat brown as it is a little more subtle than black. Some artists love to use watersoluble ink which also creates beautiful results but I really cannot stand the sulphuric smell of it so I tend to stick to the non watersoluble brands.

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